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Fluxhibition #1 got hijacked by David-Baptiste Chirot for more than a year. we are still waiting on it to return home. Please send David a note asking him to return the exhibition case to the fluxmuseum.

The First International Exhibition/Festival of Fluxus Art by Members of the FluxNexus 2006-07

Three items from Allan Revich (inventory #s 61, 62, 63)

Stickers from Whataburger (inventory #67)

Atlantopia by mIEKAL aND (inventory #79)
FLUXUATIONS - Audio Inscriptions from members of Fluxlist (compilation) (Inventory #80)
Driftless Media Filmfest - Camille Bacos and mIEKAL aND (inventory #81)

Collage by Malok (inventory #82)

items from Jukka Kervinen - inventory #83

items from Jukka Kervinen #inventory 84

"Does Fluxus hold Water?" - a Fluxus Experiment by Cecil Touchon (inventory #68)

Journal for participants to write in, to add comments, observations etc. (inventory #77)

A Fluxnexus Puzzle (inventory #78)

A mixed media painting by Simone Gad

"Things to do with a Sheet of Paper" by Cecil Touchon (inventory #23)

Left: Example of one of the Things to do with a Sheet of Paper by Cecil Touchon (inventory #9)
Right: artistamps by Janet Jones (inventory #14)

Brain Cell # 628 (inventory #7)

photomontage postcards by Richard Mavis (inventory #s 13, 35, 36)

photomontage postcards by Richard Mavis (inventory #34, 33)

Three books: Kickass Review (inventory #38), Art/Life (inventory #37) and "Introduction Book" by John M. Bennett (inventory #39)

Three photobooks by Brad Brace (inventory #40, 41, 42)

Poems by John m Bennett (inventory #8)

A collection of emails (inventory #56)

Two Photographs by Cecil Touchon (inventory #s 44, 45)

Things recorded by Herb Levy(inventory # 24), a musical work by Walter Cianciusi (inventory #47), item from Reid Wood (inventory #43) and some fluxface drawings by Cecil Touchon (inventoy #25)

Collages from Gerald Nason UK(inventory #s 27, 32, 31, 29, 28)

Several items from Reid Wood (inventory #2), Allan Revich (inventory #3, #1) and John M Bennett (inventory #5)

photomontage postcards by Richard Mavis (inventory #s 6, 26, 30)

Collages from Sandor Berics (inventory #s 11, 10, 12, 15)

Luc Fierens (inventory #4), Fraenz Frisch (inventory #17), photomontage postcards by Richard Mavis (inventory # 19, 18, 20, collage by  Gerald Nason (inventory #16)

Photomontages by Anita Savary (inventory #s 64, 65, 66, 73)

Artistamps by Matthew Rose (inventory #71), Fluxfaces by Cecil Touchon (inventory #70) and a collage by Robert Scala ((inventory #69)

Inventory # 48
"Magritte's Pipe" by neRRaDa

Items from Sheila Murphy (Inventory #s 52, 53, 54, 55)

Items from
Jamie Newton
(inventoy #60, #50 and #49)

Items from Sheila Murphy (inventory #57) and Carol Starr (inventory #51)

unique book by Lanny Quarles (inventory #59)

book of collage poetry by Giles Goodland (inventory #58)

Post Cards from Luc Fierens (inventory #72) Margueritte (inventory #74, 76) and Schoko Casana Rosso (inventory #75)

Double issue of the Fluxus edition of Visible Language: "Fluxus and Legacy" and "Fluxus after Fluxus" (inventory #21 and 22)

The First International Exhibition/Festival of Fluxus Art by Members of the FluxNexus 2006-07

The Ontological Museum
has opened its Fluxnexus wing of the museum with this domain: We 21st century type Fluxus artists have the opportunity to document ourselves. This is a continuation of the Post-Dogmatist program of self documentation through the establishment of its own institutions. The FLUXmUSeum is available to storage, document and exhibit any works that any Fluxnexus artist wishes to donate to it. Storage capacity for physical objects is somewhat limited - no elephants or cars or anything like that. Compactness is important.


The box currently contains items from

Madawg - Dosier of Emails about Fluxus
Reid Wood - Chapbook and a score
Walter Cianciusi - Work from a score
Allan Revich - several items
Simone Gad - a painting
Richard Mavis - a collection of collage postcards
Ryosuke Cohen - Brain Cell Fractal #628
(with 55 mail artists participating)
Luc Fierens - collage postcard
Gerald Nason - collages
Fraenz Frisch - collage postcard

Kickass Review Vol 17, #5 (2006) with material from;

Belle Randall
Luis Mee
John Bennett
Katherine Hastings
Edward Coletti
Katherine Winter
Jim Chandler
Michael Rothenberg
Vernon Frazer
Deborah Swain
Richard Silberg
Rosemary Cluff
Richard Denner
Gabriela Anaya Valdepena
David Bromige
Pat Nolan
Eric Johnson
Claude Smith
Jampa Dorje
Gianna De Persiis Vona
Cecil Touchon

Visible Language 39.3 and 40.1 (the Fluxus double issue) with material from;

Owen F. Smith
Ken Friedman
Bertrand Claves
Hannah Higgins
Ina Blom
Ann Klenstad
Lisa Moren
Alan Bowman
Bibiana Padilla Maltos
David-Baptiste Chirot
David Cologiovani
Eric Salvaggio
Litsa Spathi
Cecil Touchon
Ruud Janssen
Sol Nte
Walter Cianciusi
Celia Pearce
and classic scores by dozens of other big names